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GM Modular Connectors

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GM connectors are designed for accepting modules for many different applications: Ethernet and data transmission, Coaxial connections, Fibre optic, Power cables, Signals up to 14 wires.
Each module is pneumatically sealed in its housing (the connector is suitable for pressurized cabin).
Plastic hard insert offers positive module rear release retention.


  • Bayonet coupling system

  • Rubber coated coupling nut

  • IP67 grade water resistant (mated connectors)

  • Shells in Aluminum Alloy with epoxy varnish finish (applied by cataphoresis)

  • Insulators and external coating in Halogen free materials

Available modules:

  • For coax cable of any type up to RG217

  • For Twinax / Quintax cable

  • For LAN cable CAT5-6-7

  • For 2/4 optical fibres with expanded beam system

  • For 3 optical LCD contacts

  • With max. 14 contacts up to 7.5A

  • With max. 7 contacts up to 13A

  • With max. 3 contacts up to 23A

  • With 1 single contact up to 200A


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GM Series
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